Church Security Training

ARMOR Security Team

God tells us to prepare for attack in the heavenly realm by putting on our spiritual armor. Churches today are being targeted and attacked in the physical world as well. God’s people are welcoming, loving, and trusting. We want to care for everyone that comes through the doors. Unfortunately, these same wonderful qualities make the church very vulnerable to attack.

God tells us to be prepared and not get taken by surprise. We need to protect ourselves against enemies in the physical world. In this training you will learn how to protect the family of God while also continuing to be everything God calls you to be as a minister of His love. 
You will learn to:

Less Lethal Consulting

- Build an ARMOR Security Team in your church
- Secure your facility
- Identify potential threats
- Protect every person that enters the building
- Make a plan to respond in emergency situations
- Stop the enemy from harming God’s people

- Be active

- Have a preventative mindset

- Stop the tragedy before it happens

Don't become victims or another statistic. 

Don't wait until something happens before you decide to do something about it. 

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ARMOR Security Team in your church.